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Whyp: Who, what, why and how?

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Is Whyp open source?

Whyp is not currently open source but we will consider open sourcing parts of the stack in the future.

Can I contribute to the development of Whyp?

Absolutely! If you're an experienced developer and you wish to contribute to the project in your free time, please get in touch on Discord with your portfolio or resume!

If Whyp is free, how is it financially sustainable?

Please do not worry about the future of Whyp. Hosting and server costs are relatively low right now which means we can afford to pay them easily. In the future, Whyp may need ads or paid premium plans to help with funding. We will do everything we can to keep this project alive.

Donations are always welcome and help greatly.

Will Whyp remain free?

There are no plans to introduce a paywall for the basic Whyp features.

Premium features are likely to be introduced for a small subscription/one-off fee but nothing is set in stone just yet.

Will Whyp get ads?

Not yet but possibly in the future. If ads are implemented, we'll ensure that ads are relevant and non-intrusive, and that layout is not affected for those that use an ad blocker.

What happens if Whyp has to shut down?

In the unlikely event that Whyp has to cease its service, we will inform you in advance and you will be able to request a download of all your content.