Adult Content on Whyp

Read about hosting adult content such as Audio Erotica and NSFW ASMR on Whyp

Whyp allows adult audio content such as Audio Erotica and NSFW ASMR

You are welcome to host your NSFW audio content on the site, but please mark your tracks as NSFW. Doing this will prevent your track from appearing in the main feed. An 18+ confirmation window is displayed on a user's profile when they have one or more tracks marked as NSFW.

NSFW images are not allowed

Any images containing nudity or graphic sexual content will be removed and your account may be suspended.

Marking your uploads as NSFW

You can mark your track as NSFW on the track page, by clicking the pencil icon in the top right corner of the track player. This will open the edit track drawer, where you can mark the track as NSFW.

Automatically marking uploads as NSFW

If you know that you will be uploading NSFW-only content, you can set a default NSFW status for all of your tracks. To do this, click "Settings" from the dropdown in the top right of the page, or alternatively go to your profile page and click "Edit profile". In the settings, navigate to the Uploads tab and scroll down to NSFW. Enabling this toggle will automatically mark all future uploads as NSFW. Please note that this will not mark any of your existing tracks as NSFW so please go back and do that manually if necessary.

Filtering out adult content

If you do not wish to see content marked as NSFW on the site, you can enable the "Filter adult content" toggle in your preferences. This will hide all NSFW content from the site, including from search results and user profiles.

What defines "NSFW"?

Please see this link for the definition of NSFW. Whyp is not an adult content hosting site primarily, so please respect the rules and mark your tracks as NSFW. Failure to do so may result in your account being suspended.

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