Whyp Press Kit

What is Whyp?

Whyp is a free web platform built for music producers to allow them to quickly upload their WIP music and receive a link to a web audio player which can then be shared with friends, clients etc. Whyp is built to be as fast and easy to use as possible, but improvements can always be made and feedback is welcome. Whyp launched in November 2020.
Current features include:

  • Free, fast uploading of audio files (less than 100MB, less than 10min)
  • High quality audio streaming
  • Tracks expire by default so users don't need to worry about deleting their uploads once they have served their purpose
  • Tracks can be 'published' to prevent expiry and allow users to create a public portfolio/showcase of their audio work using Whyp
  • Guest uploads - for those that just want to quickly share audio and don't wish to register
  • Mobile/tablet friendly UI
  • General and timestamped comments on tracks

Who runs Whyp?

The Whyp website was planned and built by myself - Bradley Varol, and I am responsible for developing features, fixing bugs, the Discord server, etc. My talented friend and software developer Dom built and maintains a distributed, horizontally scaleable audio transcoding service that Whyp uses to scale and maintain fast transcoding speeds. Find out more about Dom's work via his blog.

Why was Whyp built?

I've always been passionate about technology and music. In 2007 I took an interest in music production and in 2012, I created a Facebook group for music producers to share their work and receive feedback. As the group admin, I naturally started helping the community in any way possible - free mixing and mastering, constructive feedback, sample packs, etc. It was very fulfilling and in 2016 I decided to learn web development with the goal of creating a website/forum for producers to share resources. This project went through many iterations with the idea changing and growing over several years before ultimately seeing the light of day as Whyp in 2020.

Whyp Branding

Here is a selection of Whyp branding images. You may save these and use them for press purposes as desired.

Whyp Logo Dark
Whyp Logo Dark
Whyp Logo Light
Whyp Logo Light
Whyp Open Graph Meta Image
Whyp Open Graph Meta Image