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Good pronunciation and nice story about food hhh
on Audio transcription of souvenir
a day ago
Taking advantage of that increased duration limit already 💪
on Eugen Rochko, Saint of Federated Social (April 2017)
a day ago
This is awesome! I can imagine this being resampled for a drum and bass track :)
on Guitarlele_Arbhar
2 days ago
This is great! Haha nice work with the avatar/cover image - i knew someone would do it eventually 😊
on The Fisherman And The Stranger
5 days ago
Love this! Oldschool Dougal & Gammer, Joey Riot etc vibes I wish powerstomp lasted longer!
on JAI Q - TIFFY TRAX TEST (24-7 into See it coming)
5 days ago
This is great! Reminds me of Stephen 👍
on D.O.A. (Dead On Arrival)
9 days ago
This is great! I am the developer of Whyp and I was vegan from 2016-2021 but unfortunately stopped as I was experiencing some health issues. Good luck with your podcast!
on 01 Radio Vegan Intro
12 days ago
Dude this is amazing
on Grain
12 days ago
Is this still considered riddim? Love this but it could be slightly faster!
on dreaming rm
12 days ago
Great leads and nice arrangement too but imo the kick and screech need some work :)
on Inherit Classes Not Wealth
12 days ago
on Shrek movie review and film summary (2001) | Roger Ebert
16 days ago
that kick is very strong compared to the rest of the track, maybe the whole thing could be compressed a bit
on verbalase
16 days ago
yoooo the drums, especially the snare is are good
on Digital drug
20 days ago
off your rocker* (meaning "crazy") 😉 It's "shit for brains" (the first one you said) Haha so funny to hear an American saying these things!
on British slang
a month ago
great compression on these elements, nice and crisp!
on if someone 02
a month ago
this really reminds me of Bonobo
on StreetRiders Theme
a month ago
I find most of your tracks have too much high end. Do you use monitors or headphones?
on Seq. Noize - NoiseSequence02 v2
a month ago
Is this post rock?
on Track 4
a month ago
another track of yours that i can't stop replaying <3
on RKL - Save Me_4
2 months ago
this kick and leads combo is great!
on RKL - Save Me_4
2 months ago
Hey thanks for trying out Whyp! Please feel free to join the Discord and let me know how it could be better for you :)
on Hendo - Moonwalk [Extended Version] - 22
2 months ago
This is so good!
on metalypluck
2 months ago
Awesome! Would love to hear this sax sidechained and a bit quieter!
on StreetRiders Theme
2 months ago
this is so cool!
on Billboard
2 months ago
You're welcome 🔥 🔥
on thealamenthel8r
2 months ago
Music producer 2007-2016, web developer since!
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