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Whyp is updated reguarly with new features. We listen to our community and implement features that are requested. We are always open to suggestions.

High Quality Audio
Enjoy a premium listening experience with 320kbps MP3 as standard.
Timestamped Comments
Receive better feedback and make more useful notes.
Organize your own work or simply curate your favourite content from other creators.
Embed your tracks on your own website or blog.
Track listens and see your top listeners.
Privacy Settings
You decide who can see, comment on and download your tracks.
Expiration Dates
Forget about needing to delete old tracks - just set an expiration date and we'll do it for you.

Frequently Asked Questions

Is Whyp free and are there any limitations?

Yes, Whyp is free to use. We do offer a Pro plan with additional features, but it is not required to use the site. Free users can upload audio files up to 8 minutes / 25MB. Whyp Pro users can upload audio files up to 5 hours / 250MB. Listeners can always listen for free.

Is the Whyp audio quality good?

Whyp uses 320kbps MP3 for streaming. This is the same bitrate or better than most other streaming services.

What file formats can I upload?

Whyp supports a variety of audio file formats for upload including lossy formats such as MP3 and OGG, and lossless formats such as WAV and FLAC. Files are transcoded to 320kbps MP3 - MP3 files are not re-encoded.

How fast are uploads processed?

Whyp doesn't use a queuing system which means uploads are processed immediately and with impressive speed - most files take just a couple of seconds to process.

How are listens tracked?

Listens are calculated based on the amount of time a track is played. Your own listens are not included in counts. We have tried to make this as accurate as possible, and steps have been taken to prevent abuse.

Can I trust Whyp with my data?

Whyp is built by professionals using modern, industry standard technology and security practices. Your data is stored securely in the cloud and is never shared or sold.

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