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This is insanely good!! Please beef up the snare a bit! I want this finished and on Spotify.
7 days ago
on MUERTE - DOPPLER RIDDIM [Ableton Live 11 Remake WIP]
9 days ago
why wouldn't it? 😉
on this link better work
9 days ago
Track ID? Btw you have the most tracks on Whyp right now 🔥 🔥
on rwsff
20 days ago
would love to hear this part on a club soundsystem :D
on Benny Benassi - Satisfaction (remix)
24 days ago
the "24 hour convenience store" part is awesome! Please post the finished track here :)
on twentyfourseven_2
24 days ago
holy shit
on Re-Pulze & BraxX - The Art of Not Giving In (Extended Mix Final)
25 days ago
damnn this is good
on BraxX - Let Her Go (Extended Mix Final)
25 days ago
Is this an original?
on twentyfourseven_2
25 days ago
classic gabber
on Hardcore to the MEGA (ft HasanAbi)
a month ago
Wow this is good!
on Bite My Tongue demo
a month ago
i thought this was going to drop into Drum and Bass haha
on Slip Away 01
a month ago
very psychedelic :)
on Time and Space
a month ago
meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow meow
on ok
a month ago
this is a genre of electronic music called "Hardstyle" :)
on untittteli_15
a month ago
🔥 🔥 🔥 🔥
on untittteli_13
a month ago
This sounds very relaxing and very German? lol
on Little Trains
a month ago
on thicc sorcery x stfu
a month ago
yooo this is great
on Colorful Dreams
a month ago
lool very chill, also i gotta get that tag in the description to work :P
on Throwing a Vitas Acapella on Things
a month ago
This is really good! But i think it would be better with a more traditional tok punch less beep in the punch
on BlueNotez - Back Around (TBF)(No Master)
2 months ago
this is funky af
on double dub
2 months ago
on Hilary Duff - With Love (𝒮ℒ𝒪𝒲ℰ𝒟 𝓃' 𝒯ℋ𝒪𝒲ℰ𝒟)
2 months ago
I can't understand Japanese but you have a nice singing voice 😊
on silky heart
2 months ago
Soudns good so far but I think the drums need a high pass amen (or similar) break or something to fill them out a bit :)
on change my life
2 months ago
Hobbiest music producer turned professional web developer!
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